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Miniature Golfing for Gifts (Creative Date Ideas)


(Online Dating Newsletter) Miniature golf is a fun game for people of all ages. And the more original and themed the golf course is, the more fun it can be. But if you’re planning a “creative date” that involves miniature golf, you’ll want to take the game to the next level so that it becomes a game your date will never forget. How do you do this? By raising the stakes so that your date wins a gift for every time he/she makes Par or better on each hole! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Prepare in advance for the date by wrapping 18 small gifts (one for each hole). If you want, you can theme the gifts to the miniature golfing experience (i.e. One wrapped gift is a box of 20 tokens to use in the arcade; another is a chocolate golf ball, etc.).

Step 2: Label each gift (Hole 1, Hole 2, Hole 3, etc.) and put all the gifts in a nice bag (like a gift bag you can buy at stationary or card stores).

Step 3: Bring the bag on your date and show the bag to your date, letting him/her know see how they are labeled and that for each hole he/she makes Par or better, they get a gift!

Step 4: Each time your date makes par on one of the holes, let him/her immediately open the gift associated with that hole.

Now what if your date only makes par on a couple of holes and you’re left holding all those gifts? Prepare in advance for this probability by bringing a bonus card that states your date automatically wins ALL the gifts if he/she beats you. Don’t give your date the card until the end. As an alternative, if he/she hits a hole in one on the last hole, you can verbally say that qualifies him/her to win all the gifts.
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One Response to “Miniature Golfing for Gifts (Creative Date Ideas)”
  1. Rhonda says:

    That’s a very creative date idea. Our local mini-golf is right next to an ice cream parlor so I always make it a point to buy ice cream afterwards. Maybe that should be one of the things that could be “won” from here on out. LOL

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